One Take Super-8 Event 2012

Happy to announce that I’ve signed up for my fifth One Take Super-8 Event! The whole thing goes down on September 30th, 2012 as part of the WNDX festival. I’m cooking up something kind of neat. I think… Hopefully it’ll turn out! You never know until the screening.

Also, check out the One Take Super-8 5th Anniversary DVD. It includes my first Super 8 film, Bury the Baby, along with a host of other radical films: Snapperdoodle (Arlea Ashcroft & Andrea von Wickert), Worked to the Bone (Gwen Trutnau), Fish Arms (Mike Maryniuk), Sundown at the Dusty Trail (Darryl Nepinak), the voice and bearing of trees (Karen Asmundson), Devisible (Robert Pasternak), Spider Pig (Scott Benesiinaabandan), Poor Andy in « The Wedding Ball » (Joshua Stanton), Arkansas American Flag (Ed Ackerman), With Care (Kevin Bacon), a(e0)liens (Danielle Sturk), The Bourgeois Walk (Cam Woykin), 3D Jesus/2×4/Architects Table (Andrew Milne),  Rocket John (Curtis L. Wiebe), Heartspeak (Damien Ferland), Singh (Sunny Sidhu), Frame Storm (Jim Pomeroy), 0$ Per Gallon (Kristen Andrews), Sun Moon Stars Rain (Leslie Supnet), Chaos Theory (Aaron Zeghers), Not In Service (Matt Webber), Down (Scott Fitzpatrick), The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse (Clint Enns), Spin (Heidi Phillips). With special bonus films: Reilvolution (Alex Rogalski), In Reflection (Cecilia Araneda), Preliminary Notes On Gesture (Solomon Nagler) and Goths! On the Bus! (Karen & Jaimz Asmundson).

Transcribing all those titles makes me marvel at the amount of talent we have in Winnipeg. Such a diverse scene of artists and friends. The One Take Super-8 event is a true testament to our love of filmmaking in this city. The number of quality films turned out by this event is staggering. Many of these went on to screen at various festivals around North America and the World. Goths! On the Bus! even went on to screen at Cannes in 2012. I remember seeing With Care, Spider Pig and Bury the Baby all screen in the same program at the $100 Dollar Film Fest in Calgary in 2008.

The One Take Super-8 Event promotes true cinema in my eyes. No agenda, no grand scheme, no money. Film for the sake of film. Pure expression, experimentation and fun.

Plus! Rad DVD artwork courtesy of the ever so awesome Leslie Supnet.

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