TASMFThese Are Some of My Friends will be touring California in November as part of Open City Cinema’s « Winnipeg Handshake (These Are Some of Our Friends) » program. This is the first time one of my films will screen in the USA and I couldn’t be more thrilled or honored to be a part of such a special shorts program and screenings!

Come on down if you’re in the area and discover some of Winnipeg’s finest!

Here are the dates and locations:

November 10th in Oakland, CA – Black Hole Cinematheque
November 14th in San Francisco, CA – Other Cinema (2nd last show there ever!)
November 15th in Los Angeles, CA – Echo Park Film CenterFilms:

These Are some of My Friends, dir. Stéphane Oystryk (3, 2013, super 8 on video)
Fahrenheit 7/11, dir. Walter Forsberg (14, 2011, video)
I for NDN, dirs. Darryl Nepinak + Clint Enns (1.5, 2012, video)
A Bit Transcendental, dir. Patrick Lowe (5, 2000, 16mm)
Loving the Bomb, dir. Alison Davis (4, 2009, 16mm)
Erasure, dir. Chance Taylor (2.5, 2012, video)
Sinclair, dir. Guy Maddin (4, 2010, video)
Holland, MAN, dir. Aaron Zeghers (20, 2015, super 8, 16mm and video on video)

Dingbat’s Revenge, dir. Scott Fitzpatrick (7, 2015, 16mm)
Forsaken, dir. Heidi Phillips (4.5, 2012, 16mm)
5 Cents a Copy, dirs. Ed Ackerman + Gregory Zbitnew (5, 1980, 16mm)
First Sun, dir. Leslie Supnet (2.5, 2014, super8 on video)
Tattoo Step, dir. Mike Maryniuk (1.5, 2008, 35mm on video)
Re:cycled, dir. Jim Pomeroy (5.5, 2014, 16mm on video)
Turin, dir. Rhayne Vermette (7, 2014, 16mm on video)
Mynarski Death Plummet, dir. Matthew Rankin (7.5, 2014, 35mm on video)


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