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Graham Epp qui enregistre la bande sonore de FM YOUTH à Empire Recordings avec l’ingénieur de son Shawn Dealy. / Graham Epp recording the original soundtrack for FM YOUTH at Empire Recordings with sound engineer, Shawn Dealy.

Lost Photograph

This is a photograph I’ve been missing for 3 years. I was in Rome in 2010. I was sitting on a stone step across from the Altare della Patria. An elderly man was sitting next to me. He just had this interesting look and I felt compelled to take this shot. I knew I was near the end of my roll of film and I was really hoping the shot would turn out. When I got the film developed I realised that the frame wasn’t in the digital scans they’d given me. I figured I’d run out of film on the day and the shot hadn’t made it. I was disappointed. I’d kind of taken a risk stealing away this photograph and it had gone unrewarded.

The other day, looking through my old Europe negatives in search of a frame I’m using for the new Viridians EP cover, I found the shot of the old man in Rome at the top of one of the strips. They’d simply missed it. This is the photograph. I’m pretty happy with it!

(My camera had a light leak that was unbeknownst to me during the entirety of the trip. Hence, the orange burns at the top right edge of the frame.)

Saint-Boniface, je t’aime.

Une série incomplète de photos que j’ai pris il y a deux ans(?) en vue d’une exposition qui n’a pas encore eu lieu. (Désolé de l’erreur de conjugaison.)

(Merci à Janelle Tougas, Alexis Flower, Marie-Ève Fontaine, Valérie Therrien Vrignon et Louis-Félix Fontaine.)